About me

Hi there! 🙋‍♂️

My name is Maarten. I’m a 27-year-old Dutch PhD candidate in philosophy at the Central European University. My academic research is in meta-ethics. In my dissertation, I ask: ‘What must the world be like for something to matter, or have value?’

Interesting, but very abstract, and since I’ve decided I don’t want to continue in academia, this blog is the thing I’m most excited about. When I wrote more, my Medium received over 100.000 monthly views and more than 50.000 people read my articles each month.

In my spare time, I like – love – to just hang out with my friends and my girlfriend. I also force myself to run at modest speeds and lift some modest weights every now and then. I’m a fan of craft beer and strategy games such as Civilization, and an avid user of Roam. I live in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, which is my favorite city of the galaxy.

I should be free of almost all PhD obligations in a few months. Super excited and curious about whatever project I’ll (get to) tackle next! Please message me if you know something cool.

Let’s keep in touch! ⬇