Roam Research course launched

I’m beyond excited to announce that my Roam course has launched!!! In this course on Roam Research, you’ll learn to…

  • Make the Most of Roam. Roam Research is the best tool for knowledge work out there, but it has a very steep learning curve. It’s very hard to make the most out of it without spending hundreds of hours on research and hundreds of dollars on courses, as I did. In the course, we go through its fundamental and advanced features to equip you with the best possible workflow for enhancing your thinking and productivity.
  • Remember Everything You Want. Most students apply the very study method research has shown to be useless: rereading and underlining sentences for later rereading. In the course, you will learn two (not very well known) reading techniques that are proven to augment cognition so that you’ll finally stop forgetting what you’ve read.
  • Better Knowledge Synthesis. Master the process from “I have read a bunch of papers” to “I now have synthesized the literature and have a set of promising angles of attack on my research problem”.
  • Think Better. You’ll write hundreds of interconnected atomic notes in your Roam graph, with explanatory and argumentative relationships between other claims and observational data made clear, in a searchable way! This enables you to “see” connections you would have missed before. Easily roam your digital brain to discover new ideas and insights.
  • Effortless Writing. Turn your thoughts and discoveries into convincing written pieces and build up a treasure of smart and interconnected notes along the way. Use your Roam brain and smart notes to create great work. Swift output guaranteed.
  • Become an Intellectual Superstar. Profit from the only course with the insider knowledge and state-of-the-art methods to help you master the entire scholarly process – from effective reading to note-taking to synthesis to writing – and rise to the top of the field.

For more info on this Roam course, check out Academic Mastery with Roam Research.

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