Roam Research coaching

Effectively synthesizing information is hard and rare. Many knowledge workers and professors – let alone (doctoral) students – struggle to do it well. Which is why there’s lots of room for improvement. Using Roam and my method for note-taking information synthesis and writing output, I can teach you how to become an academic superstar. I’ve tested it on many students already, and now I’m offering it to everyone.

  • You’ll becmore effective and efficient: I can teach you how to ace your BSc/MSc/PhD thesis while spending less time on it.
  • You’ll become a Roam power user: While efficiently turning your thoughts and discoveries into convincing written pieces and build up a treasure of smart and interconnected notes – a Zettelkasten – along the way. Own school by making Roam your own school.
  • You’ll remember what you learn: We can also cover how to turn reading into an active process by using Roam to build your second brain and leveraging the best techniques for effective reading.

Why Roam? Trust me, Roam is one of the most powerful new technologies for knowledge management and your life will never be the same after you’ve become friends with it (not joking). When used well, it not only stores your annotations and thoughts but vastly improves your research, notes and writing output. But, like many powerful tools, there’s a steep learning curve. It’s very hard to make the most out of it without spending hundreds of hours on research and hundreds of dollars on courses, as I did. All my clients get free custom code and smartblocks to really make the most out of Roam.

Who am I? I’m about to hand in my PhD dissertation in philosophy. I wrote the most of it in 5 months, yet it won the Outstanding Doctoral Student Award 2021. A few years ago, I got my MSc cum laude and outlined my workflow in The Complete Guide to Effective Reading. It went viral as the most popular article on Medium for a quite some days after it came out and has racked up about 250K views to date. If you combine these techniques with what I can teach you about information synthesis in Roam, you’re golden.

Almost all other Roam “consultants” I know of charge around $180 per hour. Maybe I’m just an out-of-touch philosopher, but that seems like a lot of money. I’m just an overachieving nerd with a passion for information management and learning who likes to help people. So I ask for about half of that, and for $99 we can have 1-on-1 one-hour coaching session where I (start to) turn you into an information-processing machine.

You can get the whole Roam coaching 360° or we can focus on one thing in particular: from techniques for effective studying, to make the best notes using Roam, to information synthesis, to reviewing your Roam workflow, to producing great writing output and achieving long-term retention. I focus on the specific use case desired by you.

Ready to upgrade? Get in touch at maartenjvandoorn (dot) gmail (dot) com and we’ll talk about how I can best help you.